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Andrew Le

Before I had attended the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop, I had not a clue on my vision. Working with Sandra for those two days had me coming out of there feeling like I was given the keys to my destiny! Supercharging your Superpower was an experience that I would repeat at the drop of a hat and would recommend to anyone who is lost and needs guidance in their journey as an entrepreneur.

Phyllis Weiss

In the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop, Sandra is like a "Superpower Whisperer." She has the magical ability to draw out the essence of what makes you "great." She compassionately guides you on how to discover and then unleash your superpower in life and in business. As a solopreneur for 22 years and counting, I can attest it's never too late or too early in your entrepreneurial journey to take advantage of this powerful workshop. I left this transformative weekend with a greater understanding of my core values and strengths, a new vision, and the tools to take my business to the next level.

Avi Gingold

The Supercharge Your Superpower workshop was very powerful. The step by step process was very methodical and clear in helping recognize our skills prioritize them and define our superpowers. It was very helpful in getting clear on what we want to do, where we want to go and with whom, while being aligned with ourselves. Sandra is a great superpower that can help you achieve your business goals dreams and aspirations. I highly recommend this workshop for any entrepreneur and small business owner.

Allison Kinnear

When I came to the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop, I was in a slight slump in my business. My business model was working, but not as well as I would have liked and I felt stuck. This workshop changed all of that. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of myself, my values and my superpower, but I also gained a much bigger vision for my work. I no longer feel stuck. I know my purpose , I know my vision and I have tools to help me articulate that vision to others.

Exceptional Business Coach and Leader with a Wide Skill Set

Gene Williams Master Engineer, Artist and Producer

Exceptional business coach and leader with a wide skillset. Highly intelligent, analytical, and super communicative. Working with Sandra is a pleasure. She is incredibly thoughtful and works with you to clearly open up new possibilities for your business and for personal growth. She is not a "one-size-fits-all" but focuses on your unique abilities and desires to create multiple paths forward based on where you want to go. Highly recommend her services.

Tony Thayer

I almost declined this Supercharge Your Superpower workshop! (I thought I knew my superpowers). But something about Sandra convinced me that there was more to it than the title of the workshop. So, after I set my intentions, I was rewarded with stunning value a day before the workshop began - a sudden insight and clarity about my purpose that I had never fully appreciated! And when the workshop began, Sandra's keen understanding of people pulled me along to more valuable insights into my intentions, skills, and purpose. I feel like I just built a new, more solid foundation for my business!

Douglas Hartley

I have recently completed the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop. The exercises I did were most enlightening. They helped pinpoint and add clarity to what my superpower is. Brainstorming of new ideas and perspectives was really valuable. The insights I was able to get from Sandra were fantastic.

Amba Giri

In the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop, the 2 days I spent with Sandra were extremely useful in clarifying my goals and vision for my Business. It made me see a whole new way of attracting clients and generating revenue. The Values, Vision and Superpower exercises were exceptional as was the creation of the avatar of the ideal client and the design of the offer. Sandra is a very good listener and leader. She is very committed to empowering and elevating her clients. Yes I would definitely recommend the workshop.

Cornelia S.

The SUPERCHARGE YOUR SUPERPOWER workshop hosted by Sandra was very helpful. Her skills enabled me to have a much clearer and objective view of my "superpower", and who I am for my clients. Having a clear picture of my core values and creating a strategy around them has been beneficial in many ways for my business and my personal life. I have been able to unshakably tap into my superpower and the results are starting to show. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend their workshop. I highly recommend it to any business owner who is looking to differentiate themselves from others.

Tiffany West

The Supercharge Your Superpower workshop was the best, most interactive workshop I have ever attended! Sandra was so engaged, attentive, and helpful to each of us. I feel so empowered and inspired to approach my business in a whole new way. I gained so much clarity on my personal brand, the audience I serve, and the message I want to convey in my messaging/content. The participants contributed and gave profound insight to all of us on our unique business journeys. It was lots of fun and inviting, I felt so at home like I’d known everyone for years. If you’re looking to start, clarify, or grow your business, this workshop is definitely worth investing in. The guidance and clear direction you’ll receive is invaluable. Thank you Sandra for such a transformative experience and thank you to all of the participants who showed up and helped me feel confident in myself and growing a thriving business!

Maria K.

When describing the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop, Sandra caught my attention immediately when she spoke about SuperPower. I truly believe that understanding your own power is what you need to establish your own unique brand. The workshop fully met my expectations. I was able to name my SuperPower, formulate my Mission, design my Offer. The way Sandra held the workshop combining consulting and coaching was very efficient. I'm grateful that I had this opportunity and would recommend it to anybody who is currently struggling to clearly formulate what distinguishes them from other professionals.

Alka Madan

What would you expect if you will work with a powerhouse? I was consulting myself as to how I was feeling during the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop and my inner said, empowered. I have used this word multiple times but felt it for the first time. Sandra has a keen eye and does not miss on any details. I have learnt a lot. Will look forward to having more in the near future THANK YOU.

Essie Martsinkovsky

The Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop was very valuable and powerful. It' s hard to believe how much we accomplished in only two days thanks to the insight and Sandra's expertise. She worked with us step-by-step through clarifying our unique value, defining our business vision, and laying the groundwork to identify our audience. She provided thorough hands-on guidance and detailed feedback as we put our ideas to paper, leaving us with high-quality materials to draw from as we continue to develop our business. I got even more than I expected out of this workshop and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to create energy, purpose, and value around their business.

Kim Hatton

Empowerment, cultivation and connection are just some of the words I'd use to describe my experience with Sandra in the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop. She is more than a consultant or coach, and she has equipped me with the business insight I've needed for so long. An added benefit was that the synergy among the awesome workshop attendees was amazing (and I don't believe in coincidences!) The Life Re-Invented SuperCharge Your SuperPower Workshop is a worthwhile investment to insure a successful business launch and future -- Kim H

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