Success Stories

Allison Kinnear

When I came to the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop, I was in a slight slump in my business. My business model was working, but not as well as I would have liked and I felt stuck. This workshop changed all of that. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of myself, my values and my superpower, but I also gained a much bigger vision for my work. I no longer feel stuck. I know my purpose , I know my vision and I have tools to help me articulate that vision to others.

I highly recommend Sandra

Angelina Jones Consultant, CO

Sandra is very good at asking lots of questions and guiding people to explore different options. She helps individuals to really think about what they want to do and she’s great at helping them be able to see things from multiple perspectives and choose the one that resonates with them. I’ve discovered a lot about myself during my sessions with Sandra. She’s helped me and she could help you, too! I would highly recommend Sandra.

Stunning Skill in Navigating the Waters of Business Building/Quadrupled my Revenue within Six Months

Alx Utterman Global Self-Care and Healing Speaker, Spiritual and Inspirational Leader, Master Healer and Trainer, The Healer’s Healer

If you're wondering how to move forward in your business positioning - especially if your particular business is unusual, either in its field or in general - Sandra has a stunning skill in navigating the waters of business building, mapping out a successful future, and empowering you to not only embrace but express your own special 'superpower' along the way. Her capacity to listen, absorb, synthesize, and analyze any individual's situation and help them create a much more successful path is unparalleled. Definitely not 'one-size-fits-all.' I quadrupled my revenue within the first six months of working together. I highly recommend her work!

Amazing Consultations & Connections

Akshay B. Startup Founder, CA

Sandra helped me hugely in my initial journey to become an entrepreneur. She gave me ample time and helped me figure out answers to a lot of my questions with the incredible advice she had to give. She also helped me realize some loopholes as well as pain points on what I might be doing wrong, which for an entrepreneur, is Gold! Not just that she also helped me connect with another entrepreneur who is in a similar field, which was a great help. Sandra and I are still in touch with each other and I admire her kind and ever ready attitude to be there and help out when in need.

She understands relationships

Eric Eastman Real Estate Advisor, UK

I worked with Sandra very closely. This dealt with analysis of new markets, acquisition, reviews and renewals, as well as closure of business. She understands internal teams, relationships and provides strong leadership. It was very satisfying to work with Sandra.

Rocket Yourself Forward With Sandra's Book, " Reinventing Your Life--Your Guide to Finding Fulfillment In Starting Your Business"

Sarah Hadley Content Creator, OR

I would have saved so much time and money when starting my business had this book been around! Now, I am using it as a guide to get me to the next level in my business so I can avoid costly mistakes. Sandra is knowledgeable, sharp, and thorough in her approach to helping people build and/or expand their business. My favorite thing about this book is how it is laid out. I can read it cover to cover, or I can go to a section that addresses my current need. If you apply the information in Life Reinvented, all the random moving parts of your ideas and business practice will snap together and rocket you forward toward success.

Sharp Mind & Strong Instincts

Joshua Fradenburg Head of Marketing at Brightside, CA

I had the pleasure of partnering with Sandra on a Market Research Engagement. She proved to be insightful, reliable and professional. Sandra's sharp mind and strong instincts enabled the team to anticipate the needs of our client and their constituents. Her hard work and dedication were instrumental in the completion of a deliverable that exceded the expectations of our client and is driving impact through their organization. I would strongly recommend Sandra.

Alka Madan

What would you expect if you will work with a powerhouse? I was consulting myself as to how I was feeling during the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop and my inner said, empowered. I have used this word multiple times but felt it for the first time. Sandra has a keen eye and does not miss on any details. I have learnt a lot. Will look forward to having more in the near future THANK YOU.

Talented and results-driven

Carl Seletz Global Head of Operations, PA

Sandra was a results-driven executive who was able to balance developing a strategy and managing execution, critical during our time together. She also knew how to hire and develop strong teams.

Amba Giri

In the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop, the 2 days I spent with Sandra were extremely useful in clarifying my goals and vision for my Business. It made me see a whole new way of attracting clients and generating revenue. The Values, Vision and Superpower exercises were exceptional as was the creation of the avatar of the ideal client and the design of the offer. Sandra is a very good listener and leader. She is very committed to empowering and elevating her clients. Yes I would definitely recommend the workshop.

Avi Gingold

The Supercharge Your Superpower workshop was very powerful. The step by step process was very methodical and clear in helping recognize our skills prioritize them and define our superpowers. It was very helpful in getting clear on what we want to do, where we want to go and with whom, while being aligned with ourselves. Sandra is a great superpower that can help you achieve your business goals dreams and aspirations. I highly recommend this workshop for any entrepreneur and small business owner.

Andrew Le

Before I had attended the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop, I had not a clue on my vision. Working with Sandra for those two days had me coming out of there feeling like I was given the keys to my destiny! Supercharging your Superpower was an experience that I would repeat at the drop of a hat and would recommend to anyone who is lost and needs guidance in their journey as an entrepreneur.

Tony Thayer

I almost declined this Supercharge Your Superpower workshop! (I thought I knew my superpowers). But something about Sandra convinced me that there was more to it than the title of the workshop. So, after I set my intentions, I was rewarded with stunning value a day before the workshop began - a sudden insight and clarity about my purpose that I had never fully appreciated! And when the workshop began, Sandra's keen understanding of people pulled me along to more valuable insights into my intentions, skills, and purpose. I feel like I just built a new, more solid foundation for my business!

Sandra Has the Unique Ability to See the Needs One Has to Succeed with a Business Idea

Trude Lokken Consultant

Sandra has a unique ability to see the needs one has to succeed with a business idea. She provides support and advice on how to achieve your goals, and how to tackle obstacles along the way. And this in a way that even those who are completely inexperienced in the business world can understand. I can also highly recommend her book, "Reinventing your life" - a very useful tool for those who want to know more about how to run a business.

Cornelia S.

The SUPERCHARGE YOUR SUPERPOWER workshop hosted by Sandra was very helpful. Her skills enabled me to have a much clearer and objective view of my "superpower", and who I am for my clients. Having a clear picture of my core values and creating a strategy around them has been beneficial in many ways for my business and my personal life. I have been able to unshakably tap into my superpower and the results are starting to show. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend their workshop. I highly recommend it to any business owner who is looking to differentiate themselves from others.

Supportive, Smart & Insightful

Beth Love Movement Builder, Author, Teacher, CA

I highly recommend Sandra Hughes as a business coach. I am new to business, having been a nonprofit leader for most of my working life. Before getting support from Sandra, I was doing my best to build my business, but I felt a little lost and confused. Sandra helped me to clarify my goals and create a plan for moving forward with intention and strategy as guides to my work. She also helped me to feel more confident about the transferability of my skills from my nonprofit work. I feel clear about my direction now, and have a well-articulated plan for creating success. I recommend Sandra because she is smart, articulate, incredibly insightful about business, full of great ideas, committed, and supportive. She took me under her wing and has become one of my biggest cheerleaders, and if you decide to work with her, I am confident that she will contribute the considerable weight of her experience and expertise to help you succeed as well.

Sandra will keep you on track

Alison Suggs Professional Organizer, CA

Sandy is a great business coach, she has practical advice, a great attitude, and she'll keep you on track.

Exceptional Business Coach and Leader with a Wide Skill Set

Gene Williams Master Engineer, Artist and Producer

Exceptional business coach and leader with a wide skillset. Highly intelligent, analytical, and super communicative. Working with Sandra is a pleasure. She is incredibly thoughtful and works with you to clearly open up new possibilities for your business and for personal growth. She is not a "one-size-fits-all" but focuses on your unique abilities and desires to create multiple paths forward based on where you want to go. Highly recommend her services.

No hesitation in recommending Sandra

James Ebel CEO, Harper, Dennis, Hobbs, UK

Sandra and I worked together when she was leading the UK real estate team at Gap through a period of unprecedented growth. I was at the beginning of my career in real estate and I learned many things about how one should handle themselves from Sandra, which I still hold dear today, in particular, integrity and attention to detail. I recall well how she set the strategy at Gap and then focused on how to deliver on this. Sandra led the team with passion. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandra. In fact, any team with her valuable insight and experience can’t fail to benefit and learn.

Invaluable support through major transitions

Brigid McGinn Counselor/Therapist, CO

I needed help to align and accomplish my goals and Sandra helped me to celebrate the things that I have accomplished and reminds me of how to align with my values. This gives me the confidence I need as I work through my transition of moving to a different state and starting a new business. Sandra’s support has been invaluable to me.

Genuinely kind and realistic coaching approach

Jason O. Engineering Manager, CA

Historically, I've been quite stubborn about reaching out for help when I was frustrated or unhappy with my career. Sandra's genuinely kind, balanced, realistic coaching approach was exactly what I needed to give me the momentum to find a better balance and take the first steps in being happy in my career. Sandra understands that life is complicated and that we need to cut ourselves some slack as we juggle our careers, families, and other responsibilities. Many thanks to Sandra for helping me work out the day-to-day frustrations and giving me a game plan to be happy (and successful) moving forward!

Sandra is an indispensable, skilled coach

Mimi Mortezai Marketing Consultant, CA

Sandra is a compassionate and skilled coach who offers valuable insights that get to the heart of the matter. I worked with her during a career transition and she was extremely encouraging and offered many suggestions that helped me broaden my horizons. She was an indispensable partner during this time.

Shines in Supporting Others

Glenda Benevides Founder Global Badass Goddess - GlendaMusic

Sandra is more than competent when it comes to business skills, knowledge and organizational processes. Where she goes beyond and shines is in supporting others to see and reflect who they truly are and finding a pathway to execute a seamless strategy, that is inspirational and empowering. She is a delight to work with and I am deeply enjoying my journey with her to success. Grateful!

Tiffany West

The Supercharge Your Superpower workshop was the best, most interactive workshop I have ever attended! Sandra was so engaged, attentive, and helpful to each of us. I feel so empowered and inspired to approach my business in a whole new way. I gained so much clarity on my personal brand, the audience I serve, and the message I want to convey in my messaging/content. The participants contributed and gave profound insight to all of us on our unique business journeys. It was lots of fun and inviting, I felt so at home like I’d known everyone for years. If you’re looking to start, clarify, or grow your business, this workshop is definitely worth investing in. The guidance and clear direction you’ll receive is invaluable. Thank you Sandra for such a transformative experience and thank you to all of the participants who showed up and helped me feel confident in myself and growing a thriving business!

Douglas Hartley

I have recently completed the Supercharge Your Superpower workshop. The exercises I did were most enlightening. They helped pinpoint and add clarity to what my superpower is. Brainstorming of new ideas and perspectives was really valuable. The insights I was able to get from Sandra were fantastic.

A godsend for new entrepreneurs

Genet Simone Educational Consultant, WA

Sandra has been a godsend for me as a new entrepreneur. Her Life Reinvented course is easy to navigate, and filled with actionable items that take people through every possible angle of setting up a business. Even though I had already worked through some of the initial components, like goal- and vision-setting, I still found it very useful to revisit what I want to do as an entrepreneur, and "clean things up" to gather my momentum once more. I am especially appreciating Sandra's knowledge of the "business" of running a business and getting organized and clear about finances. I've had a great experience so far, and look forward to learning more from Sandra and receiving her support. She really wants people to succeed!

Essie Martsinkovsky

The Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop was very valuable and powerful. It' s hard to believe how much we accomplished in only two days thanks to the insight and Sandra's expertise. She worked with us step-by-step through clarifying our unique value, defining our business vision, and laying the groundwork to identify our audience. She provided thorough hands-on guidance and detailed feedback as we put our ideas to paper, leaving us with high-quality materials to draw from as we continue to develop our business. I got even more than I expected out of this workshop and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to create energy, purpose, and value around their business.

Amazing Wisdom & Community

Krista Kusuma Customer Experience Expert, CA

Sandra lives by example, practicing what she preaches. She excels at building and nurturing her community and has a way of listening and dispensing wisdom that compels you to make important changes in your life. She regularly produces high-value, relevant content and freely shares via impactful blog posts; and is likewise generous with information and advice, both of which are tailored to her contacts.

Sandra Unlocked MY Inner Business Genius!

Allison Kinnear Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Coach, WA

Sandra works wonders. She takes you and your business on a path to help you shine. Her experience, insights, homework and support have been invaluable as I develop my business. I have gone from scared and procrastinating to clear and decisive nearly every time we meet. If you want to launch a business, or if you have a business already established but are still growing it, I highly recommend Sandra!

Read Sandra's Book-Get to Your True Self-Defined Path

MaryAnn Gucciardi Startup Founder, NC

Sandra's book, "Reinventing Your Life--Your Guide to Fulfillment in Starting Your Business, "is one of the best high-level books I've read on the deeply personal question of "why" to start a business and clear roadmap on "how" to achieve your goal. The self-assessment exercises are targeted and focused on self-discovery and clear-headed decision-making on what you want, why you want it and how to get it. I love this book for the power it gives to ignore the outside pressures and expectations of who is doing what, who expects you to do it and all the other noise, so you can get to your true self-defined path.

Brings an extraordinary amount of care, thought, direction, insight and guidance to help an entrepreneur like me create a sensible, realistic and exciting strategy for my business and global vision

Sunil Bhaskaran Business Coach, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Sandra Hughes brings an extraordinary amount of care, thought, direction, insight and guidance to help an entrepreneur like me create a sensible, realistic and exciting strategy for my business and global vision. Every session is well prepared for and the guidance is given with thought to my bandwidth of available time. She has been a good source for me to have, as a sensible counterpoint and assumption checker. This is valuable for high level leaders to have - it is usually tough to find people of this caliber in the small business world who have the experience and the dedication to help you. I am very grateful for the help that I got from her and I highly recommend Sandra Hughes to support you in determining the right course for your business and also your life - the two are really one and the same and should be integrated as they are with Sandra’s kind but solid direction.

All things I wanted to achieve in my life changed from overwhelming to possible!

Melody Chambers Owner/Designated Broker at House Love Realty

After nearly one year of mentorship coaching with Sandy, all things I wanted to achieve in my life changed from overwhelming to possible. Like many entrepreneurs, I was at capacity with my existing business, my personal life, and was concerned about being able to achieve my dream of starting a real estate school – I was not sure how or where to find the time or energy to tackle anything more than “survival.” With Sandy’s high-level business experience and her personal dedication to my success, Sandy has helped me to distill my goals, create achievable milestones, AND align my work life, personal life, and dreams all into one life. In less than a year I have created systems and processes to onboard an assistant to help with my real estate business, I have completed the outline for my flagship real estate course, sold my house, and purchased a real estate investment property. I would not have accomplished so much without Sandy’s guidance and support. I am so grateful for Sandy, working with her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Kim Hatton

Empowerment, cultivation and connection are just some of the words I'd use to describe my experience with Sandra in the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop. She is more than a consultant or coach, and she has equipped me with the business insight I've needed for so long. An added benefit was that the synergy among the awesome workshop attendees was amazing (and I don't believe in coincidences!) The Life Re-Invented SuperCharge Your SuperPower Workshop is a worthwhile investment to insure a successful business launch and future -- Kim H

Sandra helped me realize my true values

Meg Benjamin Life Coach, CO

A friend of mine referred me to Sandra. At the time, I was “trying” my hand at being my own boss. I needed help with some issues from my past that kept me from believing in myself and seeing my true potential. Sandra helped me realize what my true values are, what I really believe in, and how I wanted to be treated personally and professionally. Then she helped me come up with strategies that I could use in my work and personal life to help me handle any challenges that may arise. I have come back to her again and again for help coming up with a good strategy for some changes I wanted to make in my life. I left our session feeling more self-confident, inspired and happy about the doable plan we came up. Sandra is always available for check-ins and is happy to coach you as things pop up for you in the future.

Sandra is a generous and seasoned leader

Sandy Piderit Santa Clara University Lecturer, CA

Sandra is a seasoned leader who negotiates with poise and savvy. She is generous in sharing her insights based on her prior work and genuinely curious. She is assertive in clarifying her perspective, but at the same time, able to understand the perspective of her counterparts.

Maria K.

When describing the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop, Sandra caught my attention immediately when she spoke about SuperPower. I truly believe that understanding your own power is what you need to establish your own unique brand. The workshop fully met my expectations. I was able to name my SuperPower, formulate my Mission, design my Offer. The way Sandra held the workshop combining consulting and coaching was very efficient. I'm grateful that I had this opportunity and would recommend it to anybody who is currently struggling to clearly formulate what distinguishes them from other professionals.

Helped me be more profitable

Cassie Breeggemann, M.A. Optimizing People Performance and Culture, CA

Sandra helped me see some spots that I could adjust in my business model to be more profitable. What I appreciate most about Sandra was her ability to meet me where I was at in a heartfelt way and really take a stand for me. She truly has a gift in helping people create realistic business models that can help them be proactive instead of reactive.

She's talented, trustworthy and a great advisor

Mary Furlong Mary Furlong & Associates, CA

Sandra has a 360-degree view and considers the impact of actions on others. She understands how to deploy the talents of a team. She is talented, trustworthy and a great advisor. She helps create results.

Phyllis Weiss

In the Supercharge Your Superpower Workshop, Sandra is like a "Superpower Whisperer." She has the magical ability to draw out the essence of what makes you "great." She compassionately guides you on how to discover and then unleash your superpower in life and in business. As a solopreneur for 22 years and counting, I can attest it's never too late or too early in your entrepreneurial journey to take advantage of this powerful workshop. I left this transformative weekend with a greater understanding of my core values and strengths, a new vision, and the tools to take my business to the next level.

Thanks for the path to long-lasting change

Kim T. Consultant, CA

The work that I started with Sandra has continued even though we are no longer working together. My path made quite a sharp change for the positive from her support even though I didn’t realize at the time I needed help.

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