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Pause, Reflect, Reset

Life Reinvented® helps emerging and early-stage entrepreneurs re-align their external world with their internal world

My services are designed for:

  • Professionals starting businesses with the hope of eventually leaving their jobs
  • Emerging entrepreneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs whose businesses are stalled or who are ready to pivot in a new direction

Each program is designed for a different stage of your growth. All programs emphasize accessibility and accountability while helping you achieve productivity.

Jumpstart Coaching helps you discover how to plan your business and then leveraging the plan to move you forward. Get the best of both worlds — the convenience of the home study course paired with one-on-one coaching.

Strategic Breakthrough/Goal Setting allows you to cover the same ground as Jumpstart Coaching but in one full-day workshop, instead of breaking it up over weeks.

Unlock Your Inner Business Genius Home Study Course helps you build a business plan in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Many clients move onto Mentorship and Accountability after this course, or enroll in a Strategic Breakthrough Session to see their plans reviewed and further developed.  

Step into the Entrepreneurial Life You are Meant to Live

Ultimately, these packages are designed to connect you with who you are, then help form the plan to help you get there.

I am happy to discuss what these packages look like in action, and to clear up any extra details you may have.

Thanks for the path to long-lasting change


The work that I started with Sandra has continued even though we are no longer working together. My path made quite a sharp change for the positive from her support even though I didn’t realize at the time I needed help. I continue to thank my friend for the birthday gift of Sandra’s services.