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Sandra Hughes Life Reinvented
Sandra Hughes, Founder, Life Reinvented®

Sandra Hughes, the founder of Life Reinvented®, is a business builder who loves to discuss how to integrate your work and life for greater personal and professional success. Contact her today about being a guest on your podcast, speaking to your organization or contributing an article or interview to your media outlet.

Here are highlights of some recent podcast interviews or mentions.

The Natural Curiosity Project

Hosted by Steven Shepard

Sandra Hughes works with individuals to help them get the most from their ideas, products, and services. She calls them ‘Solopreneurs’ – and has had great success in this unique and fast-moving space. In this episode, Steven Shepard chats with Sandra and explores her philosophy of the Solopreneur. Great insights for business leaders in this program!


with Amanda Setili

Sandra Hughes is the epitome of reinvention. While working as a former Gap, Inc. executive, building for-profit and nonprofit businesses and juggling her family life, she didn’t have time for graduate school. Then, she decided to start her own business, earned an MBA from Santa Clara University and founded Life Reinvented® at age 50. Sandra discusses with Amanda Setili how to gain traction in your business.  

Illustration by Sarah Price/Getty Images

Mentoring Through Challenging Times: What’s Your Superpower?

Ellen Sherberg, Bizwomen, THE BUSINESS JOURNALS

Women lost so much during the pandemic, often including their self-confidence, but Sandra Hughes can guide you to restoring and growing your unique superpower. Read this essay in Bizwomen’s “Mentoring Through Challenging Times” series.

sandra hughes women entrepreneurs radio

Women Entrepreneurs Radio

Hosted by Deborah Bailey

Sandra Hughes talks with Deborah Bailey of Women Entrepreneurs Radio about how to discover and unleash your “superpower” for greater success in business and life. Sandra also describes how she helps solopreneurs identify and attract their ideal client and find product-market fit.

Sandra and Jen McFarland talk about why it's critical to consider and plan details about your business ahead of time.

Women Conquer Business®

Hosted By Jen McFarland

Sandra Hughes talks with Jen McFarland on the Women Conquer Business Podcast about why a business plan helps you get clarity, align your goals and set revenue targets to stay on track. With over 30-plus years of experience, Sandra knows how to create something from nothing and get the job done.