Life Reinvented® Sandra Hughes

Without a Plan,
It’s Just a Hobby

My experience in mentoring entrepreneurs has shown me that the most successful businesses are those that have been strategically planned.

My experience in life has shown me that sometimes we have to build our business in the margins of our lives.

While you can’t plan for everything, you can be prepared for anything. Owning a business requires a business mindset. That starts with creating a business plan.

Through eight simple modules, you will craft your idea, product, or service into the business you love and be able to earn the income you need. And for a limited time, I will be there to support you with group strategy sessions for 8 weeks. 

Since you are willing to take the leap now and invest in me, I am here to invest in you. In addition to the online course, you will get direct support from me in a private group dedicated to emerging entrepreneurs, as well as group strategy calls. You will be able to do the online course at your own pace, but you won’t have to do it alone.

is this program right for you?

This program is perfect for two types of people:

First-time entrepreneurs with an exciting idea yet no plan for how to move forward; or

Emerging entrepreneurs and early-stage entrepreneurs whose businesses are stalled or who are ready to pivot in a new direction.

Whether its a restart or a fresh start, a plan is your foundation for expansion and prosperity.

program objectives are:

  • Create an inspiring business vision
  • Learn techniques to build resilience, resourcefulness, and adaptability on your entrepreneurial journey
  • Develop a clear understanding of your Industry, Competition, and Pricing and identify your corresponding revenue models and product offerings
  • Solidify your business priorities and establish an action plan


TO course content

+ 8 weeks of Group strategy sessions offered on a rolling basis

only $497!

This requires you to think about things nobody has asked you before. You’ll clarify your true intentions and think realistically about income. You’ll also have access to a private online community to receive feedback and bounce ideas. 

A stalled business just needs readjustment. You need a simple tweak, or a shift, to realign the vision with your strengths and interests. You’ll discover these blocks and make the necessary pivots to get you back on track.

Legitimize the business. Beyond providing focus, a business plan is necessary collateral for securing future loans or investments. Even further, it communicates you are taking the venture seriously.

Become a business owner, not just someone with a business

Building a business takes time, patience, and planning. But if you do the work and don’t skip steps, I promise you’ll see growth.

what you get

  • Instant lifetime access to the online course content
  • 1 hr. / module – group strategy sessions with Sandra (offered on a rolling basis)
  • 8 weeks / 8 modules of group work
  • Private Facebook group – ask Sandra questions & interact with other entrepreneurs
  • $7,997 value
  • Your investment: $497