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Sandra Hughes Life Reinvented

Oct-Dec 2021 TBD (space is limited)

Is This You?

Are you achieving so-so results in your business, and not sure why?

What if you had the answer and were then taken on a step-by-step guided journey to get you there?

Imagine that you have identified what needs attention and why and a plan to make that happen, complete with the steps to achieve it and you have someone alongside you, helping you focus, achieve what is necessary and stay accountable.

What if that guidance and support allows you the freedom and breadth to really go for it and finally have that joy and freedom that you are seeing by being a solopreneur!

You are not alone. 

I’ve got your back and have developed this program so that you and a small group of fellow solopreneurs can go on that guided journey together, support, lift one another up and make lasting friendships along the way.

Does what I am suggesting resonating with you? 

If so, let’s get started!

Meet your Guide, Life Reinvented Solopreneur Accelerator® Founder, Sandra Hughes

Sandra Hughes

Sandra Hughes

  • Author, Speaker and Founder of Life Reinvented®
  • a community of solopreneurs & the Life Reinvented® Solopreneur Accelerator
  • Former Gap executive co-developed & executed the breakout real estate expansion strategy for the UK
  • 30+ Years experience in strategic planning, business development, leading teams and mentoring
  • Mentor to solopreneurs and several non-tech start-ups
  • MBA, Management: Leading People and Organizations - Santa Clara University

Here's What You Get:

Focus on Creating A Breakthrough in Your Business through Diagnosis, Strategy, Execution and Accountability:

  • First—let’s ground and empower you:  We will identify your core values, clarify your vision, identify your Superpower and build your client avatar
  • Then step into the leadership of your life and work: From that empowered place leverage your Superpower to attract your ideal clients
  • Develop a five-year working strategy for your life and your work: Break that down to the five-year goals you have for your business and your life
  • Diagnose current challenges:  what isn’t working in your business today and why?  
  • Focus and clarify your top three goals:  to rectify what isn’t working
  • Execute to them and be held accountable!
  • Bask in the amazing results!

How The Program Works:

  • There will be a 90 mins business breakthrough strategy session with Sandra to set you up for success over the next three months
  • Once/week 1 hour group zoom conference video call
  • Tools and resources to assist you as well as ongoing mindset work
  • Email Accountability
  • Private Facebook Group for support and shares

Investment Options:

  • $1,200
  • $497 for a 3 months


Here is what a sample of Sandra’s clients have said that it is like to work with her:



If you're wondering how to move forward in your business positioning - especially if your particular business is unusual, either in its field or in general - Sandra has a stunning skill in navigating the waters of business building, mapping out a successful future, and empowering you to not only embrace but express your own special 'superpower' along the way. Her capacity to listen, absorb, synthesize, and analyze any individual's situation and help them create a much more successful path is unparalleled. Definitely not 'one-size-fits-all.' I quadrupled my revenue within the first six months of working together. I highly recommend her work!

Alx Utterman, Los Angeles, CA

Life Reinvented® Program:

Integrated Business/Life 1:1 Mentoring


I highly recommend Sandra Hughes as a business coach. I am new to business, having been a nonprofit leader for most of my working life. Before getting support from Sandra, I was doing my best to build my business, but I felt a little lost and confused. Sandra helped me to clarify my goals and create a plan for moving forward with intention and strategy as guides to my work. She also helped me to feel more confident about the transferability of my skills from my nonprofit work. I feel clear about my direction now, and have a well-articulated plan for creating success. I recommend Sandra because she is smart, articulate, incredibly insightful about business, full of great ideas, committed, and supportive. She took me under her wing and has become one of my biggest cheerleaders, and if you decide to work with her, I am confident that she will contribute the considerable weight of her experience and expertise to help you succeed as well.

Beth Love, Santa Cruz, CA

Life Reinvented® Program:

Integrated Business/Life 1:1 Mentoring


Sandra has a unique ability to see the needs one has to succeed with a business idea. She provides support and advice on how to achieve your goals, and how to tackle obstacles along the way. And this in a way that even those who are completely inexperienced in the business world can understand. I can also highly recommend her book, "Reinventing your life" - a very useful tool for those who want to know more about how to run a business.

Trude Lokken

Drammen, Buskerud, Norway

Life Reinvented® Program:

Integrated Business/Life 1:1 Mentoring

a godsend for new entrepreneurs

Sandra has been a godsend for me as a new entrepreneur. Her Life Reinvented course is easy to navigate, and filled with actionable items that take people through every possible angle of setting up a business. Even though I had already worked through some of the initial components, like goal- and vision-setting, I still found it very useful to revisit what I want to do as an entrepreneur, and "clean things up" to gather my momentum once more. I am especially appreciating Sandra's knowledge of the "business" of running a business and getting organized and clear about finances. I've had a great experience so far, and look forward to learning more from Sandra and receiving her support. She really wants people to succeed!

Genet Simone, Seattle, WA

Life Reinvented® Program:

Integrated Business/Life 1:1 Mentoring


Sandra helped me see some spots that I could adjust in my business model to be more profitable. What I appreciate most about Sandra was her ability to meet me where I was at in a heartfelt way and really take a stand for me. She truly has a gift in helping people create realistic business models that can help them be proactive instead of reactive.

Cassie Breggerman, San Diego, CA

Life Reinvented® Program:

Integrated Business/Life 1:1 Mentoring

sandra unlocked my inner business genius

Sandra works wonders. She takes you and your business on a path to help you shine. Her experience, insights, homework and support have been invaluable as I develop my business. I have gone from scared and procrastinating to clear and decisive nearly every time we meet. If you want to launch a business, or if you have a business already established but are still growing it, I highly recommend Sandra!

allison kinnear, portland, me

Life Reinvented® Program:

Integrated Business/Life 1:1 Mentoring

Exceptional business coach and leader with a wide skillset

Exceptional business coach and leader with a wide skillset. Highly intelligent, analytical, and super communicative. Working with Sandra is a pleasure. She is incredibly thoughtful and works with you to clearly open up new possibilities for your business and for personal growth. She is not a "one-size-fits-all" but focuses on your unique abilities. Highly recommended.

gene williams, Vallejo, CA

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