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Networking 101: How To Get The Most Out Of It

Networking 101 How To Get The Most Out Of It feature

Networking is as vital to your business as cash flow. While cash is the currency of tools and supplies, networking is the currency of leads, ideas, and support.  When you find the right networking groups, they become supportive and valuable communities in which you can gain influence and credibility, meet collaborative partners, learn and give back. […]

Be Smart About Your Business Model

African American woman business owner

It seems like you should have some business before you have a business model, right? Suppose it’s your dream to create a business unique enough to eventually franchise and grows so big an investor wants to buy you out. That’s a great dream, but that dream won’t come to fruition without a solid structure from the […]

What’s In a Brand?

Brand word collage shaped like a lightbulb

Well, almost everything is part of your brand. Your brand is the unique look and position your product has that allows your customer to find you among all the noise. Branding simplifies your customers buying process. When they see the brand they are familiar with they won’t see all the competition sitting next to it. They […]

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