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Life Reinvented® is not a plea to reinvent your life.

Sandra Hughes Life Reinvented

Sandra Hughes, MBA, CPCC

Instead, I’m asking to you to consider maximizing your potential as an entrepreneur.

To enjoy life, you must find the place, position or path that aligns with who you are and what you know to be true.

My mission is to help you realize this truth, then set you on the path to its fulfillment. This is done by discovery, financial planning, accountability, and thinking big.

My Story

My whole career has felt guided, like the right help came along at the right time. Why, I’m not sure. Perhaps people saw in me what I see in others—drive, charisma, ambition, potential. When we see this, it’s natural to want to help.

The bulk of my corporate career was spent at Gap, both here and in the United Kingdom. I started in a low level position and rose 

quickly, eventually leading the real estate team in London. I was lucky enough to be mentored by some of the top executives at Gap, including the Founder and Chairman of the company (when I was living and working in London).

I want to share my story to inspire you to fully activate your business in a similar way that I developed success in my corporate career for Gap. While I was Property Director in the United Kingdom, the store count increased eight-fold and we had put in place a three, five, and ten-year strategy for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern and Southern Ireland. These strategies created an exponential increase in many millions of pounds in revenue.

Later, I chose to get my MBA and start my own business. Previously, my mentors always showed up when I needed them; as an entrepreneur, I had to seek them out myself. Then, in my classes, I saw so many future entrepreneurs with so much talent, yet few had the guidance to maximize their potential.

Let me say—it can be nearly impossible to navigate the corporate or entrepreneurial worlds  without a mentor. Both can be truly foreign, and first steps can be terrifying. We’re like the baby turtles making a dash for the ocean. We need someone not only who’s been there, but who can ask the right questions and point out what we can’t see ourselves, who can usher us from one side of the shore to the other.

This is what was done for me, and now I’d like to do it for you. I’m at a later stage of life. The rush of my work has passed and I am left with its lessons and wisdom, tools and insights bestowed upon me that are timeless in serving others. And at this stage, in my personal reinvention, nothing brings me more joy than guiding someone towards a larger life, especially the one they’d always deeply envisioned. And the beauty is, it can happen at any age.

As the quote goes, “The teacher appears when the student is ready”.

So if you’re reading this, I would venture to say that your next chapter is calling.
Should you choose to embark, I’d love to guide you forward.

Sandra helped me focus on my business model


I had business coaching with Sandra Bevins Hughes for a few months. I found it very helpful for improving my focus on my business model. I provide elite metabolic training and diet counseling for a handful of clients. Although each client has his/her individual program, every one of them commented to me on how my business had changed in subtle, positive ways after (what turned out to be) my first two months of consultations with Sandra.

My Core Beliefs

1.  You came here to do something specific. It goes beyond passion—it’s what you are uniquely wired to do, nobody else. Your talents, your interests, your personality and your background all coalesce into your “essence”. When we embody our “essence”, we live in flow and ease. Life bombards us with gifts, because we are sharing our gifts with the world.

2. You live integrated lives. Each part of our life affects the next--we may dial one up and another back in order to move forward. Your work determines your livelihood, and sets the foundation for everything else: your lifestyle, your children’s upbringing and education, your retirement, and your ability to care for loved ones. Though all pieces are critical, work is what holds it all together.

3.  You are the leader of your own life. You can lead from the front, from the side or behind, in your everyday lives and as part of a team. By embracing and owning it, you start to be more intentional and less reactionary in the choices that you make. My goal is to help you own that.

4.  You deserve to be who you are truly capable of being. For a variety of reasons, many haven’t been given that opportunity. You often bury what you want to do—due to expectations, upbringing, socioeconomic status, culture—or may be unaware of what’s truly possible in life. I want to show you who you can truly become and how you can get there.

5.  Honor your feelings. Humans are deeply intuitive beings. When you say “something’s off”, or feel you aren’t where you thought you’d be, I think you’re expressing a very real truth, and it needs to be acknowledged. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, or admitting you’re dissatisfied with work—it means you’re ready to make a change.

Sandra Hughes Life Reinvented

The biggest joy in my career has come from guiding and mentoring others. Someone I’d mentored in the past recently told me he wouldn’t be where he is today if it hadn’t have been for my guidance. That is why I do what I do.