Sandra Hughes Life Reinvented

Sandra Hughes

Life Reinvented® is not a plea to reinvent your life.

We work together to help you to step in to your vision and recognize your potential as an entrepreneur through strategy and goal setting, accountability and thinking big!

I mentor new small business entrepreneurs, in particular. I give them the tools that larger companies have to turn their big visions into profitable businesses. Most new entrepreneurs don't know where to start or are unsure what to do next. I help them gain confidence, reduce stress, make money and avoid false or risky starts.

I’m a former Gap executive, both domestically and internationally, where I co-developed and then executed the brand's breakout real estate expansion strategy for Gap in the United Kingdom. I have 30 years’ experience in strategic planning, business development, leading teams, mentoring, and most recently, advising startup companies.

Who I work with:

  • Career professionals who are transitioning to owning their own businesses
  • Small business owners who are ready to give up because they are stressed, aren't making any money and don't know what to do next.
  • More mature entrepreneurs who feel or know that they are missing something in their current business OR wish to make a transition.

I know that it can be nearly impossible to navigate the corporate or entrepreneurial worlds without a mentor. Both areas can be truly foreign and challenging, and first steps can be terrifying. We need someone not only who’s been there, but who can ask the right questions. That is what I love to do!

I work with clients mostly virtually, via zoom or phone; I am happy to meet with clients locally, as needed.

Sandra helped me focus on my business model


I had business coaching with Sandra for a few months. I found it very helpful for improving my focus on my business model. I provide elite metabolic training and diet counseling for a handful of clients. Although each client has his/her individual program, every one of them commented to me on how my business had changed in subtle, positive ways after (what turned out to be) my first two months of consultations with Sandra.