Are You Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer?

Your choice of who you serve will have a big impact on your branding, marketing, sales, and delivery methods. This is the difference between business-to-business (also known as B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C).

Do you want to serve Nike or the runner that wears Nike’s shoes?

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Does your product or service serve places like law firms, commercial cleaning services, and software companies or does it serve moms, runners, and coffee drinkers? 

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If you choose B2B you’ll focus on industry trade shows and networking with other businesses. On the other hand, if you choose B2C you will focus on visibility in retail spaces and online. Knowing where your people are is as important as knowing who they are.

This impacts almost every aspect of your business from it’s branding to its business model. When you are clear about who you serve you can plan a structure that delivers your product in the best way.

When you are clear about who you serve you can plan a structure that delivers your product in the best way. #b2b #b2c

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How you develop your branding and where you showcase it will be impacted by whether you are targeting Nike or their runner. Your marketing and sales will be different for each as well, and all of these will be informed by your business model. 

There are so many important decisions to be made as you start and build your business, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Especially if you are a solopreneur and don’t have the benefit of a business-minded community. 

Here at Life Reinvented we understand the tendency towards overwhelm and isolation and is why we built a community.

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