Why We Celebrate National Small Business Week

Small Business Week

This week we celebrate National Small Business Week to recognize the contributions that small business owners and entrepreneurs make to our economy. Did you know that small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in the U.S.? There is nothing small about small business!

I chose to focus my business on serving new and aspiring entrepreneurs who have a big vision for their venture. I provide the tools and support to get you from a dream to a fully-formed business. I love helping you gain the confidence and skills to launch your business – whether you’re a freelancer, consultant, holistic practitioner or coach.

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As we recognize the 30 million Americans who have started their own businesses, think about this – almost 10 million of these are women-owned, nearly a third are minority-owned, and 10 percent are veteran-owned. They created a path for fulfilling the dream of owning their own businesses. They recognized the risks and decided to reinvent their lives as entrepreneurs.

This week, I challenge you to step into your vision and recognize your potential as an entrepreneur. My mission is to set you on the path to realizing your dream. Check out my website https://lifereinvented.com/ and let me know if you would like to talk – it’s a complimentary chat that I call a “Clarity Call” – book it now at www.chatsandra.com.

Sandra Hughes

Sandra Hughes, MBA CPCC is a mentor and business strategist who is about one thing: elevating people to their full potential. Before starting her own business, over 30 years she held several management positions and was at Gap for 12 years — at one point becoming a Senior Real Estate Executive within the international division. Now, she helps professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants realign their lives in order to maximize their talent, reflect their values, and achieve the income they need to live and retire comfortably.

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