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Entrepreneurship has become more diverse


The majority of entrepreneurs are between the ages of 50-88!

5 tips for solopreneur success


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Did you know the majority of entrepreneurs today are between the ages of 50-88? According to Small Business Trends, 51% of small business owners fit in this age group.


According to the 2016 Startup Index by the Kauffman Foundation, 24.3% of entrepreneurs are between the ages of 55 and 64.

Women are CONFIDENT in their abilities

A survey by The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development suggests that 71% of women in America are confident in running their own business. The number of women entrepreneurs reached its highest rate in almost 20 years, rising from 220 to 260 per 100,000.


Women currently make up 40% of new entrepreneurs in the United States. This is the highest percentage since 1996, based on the 2016 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity. African-American women are the fastest growing segment of female entrepreneurs, starting businesses at six times the national average. The share of Latino entrepreneurs has doubled in 20 years.

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