The Divorce Rate in America - By the Numbers [Infographic]

Divorce Rate in America by the Numbers [Infographic]

For many men and women, midlife brings big changes. Often, one of those changes is divorce. While this can feel overwhelming, it?s something that many go through each year. Explore the divorce rate in America by the numbers and learn how to take control over your own future.

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First Marriages Have a 41% Chance of Ending in Divorce

Far too many people view the dissolution of their marriage as a failure. Thinking that way, however, is never a good choice. Divorce happens for many different reasons, and it can often pave the way to new and better life opportunities. In addition, more people get divorced than most realize.

Approximately 41% of all first marriages end in divorce. That number increases to 60% for all second marriages. For third marriages, the likelihood of ending in divorce is over 73%.

Divorce Happens More Often Than You Realize

Divorce is a life-changing process. However, it?s also a very, very common process. On average, a divorce takes place in the United States every 36 seconds. While it can feel hard to find balance at the time, it happens regularly across the country and around the world.

30 is the Average Age For a First Divorce

It?s common to feel frustrated by the prospect of divorce. Some individuals feel that they?re too old to start over. Others feel the opposite and feel too young to already be going through a divorce.

Of course, there?s no magic age to get divorced. People get married and divorced through all stages of life. In America, 30 happens to be the average age for first-time divorces.

Not All Adults are Married

After being married for any amount of time, singledom can feel daunting. However, more than 40% of the adult population in the United States is unmarried. There are likely more single people in your area than you realize.

1/10 of Adults in America are Divorced

Divorce doesn’t have to be alienating. In fact, there are many people who understand what it is like to get divorced. Currently, over 10% of the American adult population is single and has been divorced. While some may remarry, all are experiencing this life change and exploring what that means for them.

What the Divorce Rate in America Might Mean for You

Seeing the divorce rate in America by the numbers, in black and white, reveals the scope of this decision. At SBH Coaching in San Jose, California, you can create a plan to work through a divorce and pursue your new life. Click here to schedule a complimentary assessment session.

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