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The Power of Letting Go: Your Life is Waiting

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I was reminded recently of the importance of letting go. There have been so many things that I have had to let go of in the last several years. Two that really stand out for me:

  1. My long term marriage
  2. Several long term friendships that ended or have been put on hold, as the result of the end of the long term marriage

Many of us are fortunate to go through life with a partner with whom we continue to share values, and friends that we made when we were children, teenagers, or college students, who also share our values. Those relationships have stood the test of time.

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I recently shared this quote with you from Joseph Campbell:

?We must be willing to let go of the life that we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.?

Your Life is Waiting

I am lucky to still have many of those friendships, but I have also said goodbye to others. It was painful, but I am OK. It is critical that we live a life that is aligned with our values. Over time, we may find that our values aren?t really in alignment with the people closest to us. That realization requires us to take a step back. It is difficult to live a life of integrity when the values between us are in conflict.

As this realization sinks in and those friendships go away, we must let go of what we know. That letting go can be scary, but it can also be powerful. When we let go, we create the time, space and opportunity for the next chapter of our lives to unfold, with a new perspective and a more integrated approach. As the quote reminds us, if we can?t let go of the people and things that don?t align with our values, then we won?t be able to embrace the life that awaits us.

The idea of a reinvented life is exciting. The prospect of a full, integrated life is thrilling! I invite you to join me for your personal journey of letting go of what?s holding you back. Book your complimentary exploratory session now!

Sandra Hughes

Sandra Hughes, MBA CPCC is a mentor and business strategist who is about one thing: elevating people to their full potential. Before starting her own business, over 30 years she held several management positions and was at Gap for 12 years — at one point becoming a Senior Real Estate Executive within the international division. Now, she helps professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants realign their lives in order to maximize their talent, reflect their values, and achieve the income they need to live and retire comfortably.