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My Story – Your Path to Integrated Living

It was 2009, and my oldest daughter, a teenager at the time, told me that I was behind the times because I wasn’t on Facebook. She created a profile for me. At the same time, I was reconnecting with a childhood friend from first grade, who encouraged me to join a private Facebook group of 100 of the 291 people from our high school class. So I did. I was accepted back into the fold like we had just seen one another yesterday, and I realized that somewhere during the 30 years since graduating, I had changed. I had stopped thinking about myself and put my family?s needs first. I had suspended my corporate career almost 10 years earlier to stay at home and raise my children and I had lost the balance in my life.

My children were in high school and would be off to college soon, so I went back to graduate school. I got my MBA in Management, with a concentration on Leading People and Organizations, 30 years after graduating from college. As I was exploring career options I realized that going back into the corporate world would mean starting over again. I had the realization that I have always been an entrepreneur. If I was going to start over in my 50?s, I would do it on my own terms and have my own business. I decided to get my coaching certification because seeing the successes of the people that I hired, mentored, and coached is the most meaningful takeaway from my corporate career.

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At the end of graduate school, as my youngest daughter was going off to college, I realized that my marriage had been in a sorry state for a long time. Have you ever been in a relationship and felt completely alone? That was me. ?After much reflection, I decided to divorce after 27 years of marriage. I found divorce mentally, emotionally and financially challenging, and now I am passionate about sharing what I have learned that can make your journey easier.

Hello, my name is Sandra Hughes, and I share my story with you because my experience and training will help you through your life’s transitions, and guide you down the path of what I call “Integrated Living.”

I’m here because I am passionate about providing the support, structure, and tools to create a plan with you to get through your divorce. During a divorce, the tendency can be to give in to the other side?s demands, jump into a new relationship, make other life-changing decisions, and ignore our own needs. I want you to know that whatever you are feeling is ok, that there is no right or wrong way to feel or go through a divorce. I will help you find that inner leader and reconnect with your sense of self and life purpose while crafting a plan to help you get through this really difficult time and come out the other side a new energized reinvented you.

I have realized through my divorce that having support systems, a plan, and goals in place works. It has been instrumental in helping me get through, feel hopeful and excited about the future. I want the same for you!

Want to know more about my background? My bio is here.

Sandra Hughes

Sandra Hughes, MBA CPCC is a mentor and business strategist who is about one thing: elevating people to their full potential. Before starting her own business, over 30 years she held several management positions and was at Gap for 12 years — at one point becoming a Senior Real Estate Executive within the international division. Now, she helps professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and consultants realign their lives in order to maximize their talent, reflect their values, and achieve the income they need to live and retire comfortably.