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Life Reinvented® an Entrepreneur!

Do you have a big impactful vision?

 I guide new and aspiring entrepreneurs, primarily solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants and coaches in how to develop business strategies and products and then help you start attracting your ideal clients gain traction, grow and scale!

Download 12 Business Success Foundations to Increase Your Prosperity & Give You Peace of Mind

Together we will create a strategy, action plan and execute it while holding you accountable until your business is on solid footing and gaining traction and growing.

I’m a former Gap executive, both domestically and internationally, where I co-developed and then executed the brand's breakout real estate expansion strategy for Gap in the United Kingdom; and with 30 years’ experience in strategic planning, business development, leading teams, mentoring, and advising startup companies, I understand how demanding a career can be.

That is why I designed Life Reinvented® where you reinvent yourself as an entrepreneur with you as a business owner and you as a person in mind.

My experience in mentoring entrepreneurs has shown me that the most successful businesses are those that have been strategically planned.

It is nearly impossible to navigate the corporate or entrepreneurial worlds without a mentor. The first steps can be terrifying — especially for those making the transition out of corporate and into self-employment. We need someone who has been there, ask the right questions, and point out what we can’t see for ourselves. 

Coming from a corporate background and then becoming an entrepreneur myself, I know how hard it can be to ask for help and how valuable finding the right mentor can be to guide you through the different parts of the process of building a business from scratch.

Life Reinvented® acknowledges

  • How scary it can be to give up a regular paycheck.
  • How isolating it is to go from an office environment to working on your own and suddenly not having resources like an IT person to help with computer issues.
  • That we don’t run our businesses in a vacuum. Our lives affect our businesses and our businesses affect our lives, and a solid plan keeps one from ruining the other.

You’ve got this, and I’ve got you.

Whether you buy the book, study the course at home, or work with me 1:1 you will create an action plan that will minimize lost time and dead ends while enabling you to get off to the best possible start and increase your overall satisfaction and success.

You will realize your potential and become prosperous and your business profitable.

A godsend for new entrepreneurs


Sandra has been a god-send for me as a new entrepreneur. Her Life Reinvented course is easy to navigate, and filled with actionable items that take people through every possible angle of setting up a business. Even though I had already worked through some of the initial components, like goal- and vision-setting, I still found it very useful to revisit what I want to do as an entrepreneur, and "clean things up" to gather my momentum once more. I am especially appreciating Sandra's knowledge of the "business" of running a business and getting organized and clear about finances. I've had a great experience so far, and look forward to learning more from Sandra and receiving her support. She really wants people to succeed!